Friday, September 9, 2011

The Business of Jazz

Is this news?

In June, I went to the Jazz Journalists Association Jazz Awards.  I had a great time, and although I was slightly intoxicated (who serves 9.4% beer, for free?) for a chunk of it, I made some good connections.  I met Howard Mandel, the president of the Association, and David Alder, past editor of

It was agreed that I would become the new editor of that website's news stream, and I was, for a couple of weeks.  I wrote some news stories on jazz, but the editorship turned out to be too much work for one person working remotely from a computer.  So I stepped down.

About a week ago, I got in touch with Howard, to offer my services again.  We concluded that I could not handle the editorship on my own, and wouldn't.  But I could still contribute to the website in some way.  He decided that we should add a section to the website that aggregates stories of interest to those in the business of jazz and music--to musicians, academics, journalists.  I'll be managing that section.

This doesn't mean human interest stories (though I do love them).  Patrick Jarenwattananon does a great job of that with his weekly "Around The Jazz Internet" roundup at A Blog Supreme.  So does Tim Wilkins with his "Morning Cup of Jazz" over at WBGO's website.  And, when he was doing it, Eli Aleinikoff's "This Week in Jazz Blogs," on the JazzTimes website, was pretty good.

I'm going to start an RSS feed, to try to keep track of all the jazz-related esoterica that will pop up around the Internet.  But I might need some help.  We're looking for news as it relates to the business of jazz music.  A new television series on jazz is being created?  Someone bought  Ethan Iverson got a book deal to edit that jazz and race reader he keeps on talking about?  We'd like to know about it.

So if you think you know of something in this vein, post it in the comments section, or email me at (excuse all the dots).  I look forward to hearing from you.

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