Friday, June 24, 2011

Support Nextbop

Trumpeter Christian Scott

Dear Reader,

If you've come here before, you probably know that I've written a number of jazz concert reviews from Montreal.  Well, those reviews couldn't have happened without the support of Nextbop, whose founders, Seb Helary and Justin Wee, got me free tickets whenever I wanted them.  If you enjoyed those reviews at all, or discovered an artist you like through them, then the gratitude should be directed primarily toward Nextbop.

Which brings me to my point:  Nextbop has been operating for almost two years without making any money.  They have produced a t-shirt, featuring trumpeter Christian Scott (pictured above) on its front, and they need your support to keep the site going. So if you appreciate my blog, the reviews I wrote, Nextbop, jazz, or just want to make a contribution because you appreciate hard work, then buy one of their t-shirts.  It's pretty dope.  Plus, if you appreciate Christian Scott, who is a pretty dope player, then you'll be supporting him too just by wearing the shirt.

Follow this link to buy the shirt, and this one, to find a personal message from Seb.

Thank you for reading.

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