Tuesday, June 21, 2011



In the introduction to his 1975 collection of prose, "Picked-Up Pieces," John Updike listed his five rules for literary criticism, adding what he called a "vaguer sixth," which has to do "with maintaining a chemical purity in the reaction between product and appraiser."  "Do not accept for review a book you are...committed by friendship to like," he went on.

I think you can apply that rule (and his preceding five rules, in some way slightly altered) to music criticism and reporting.  And as much as I love and respect Updike, I'm going to break his last rule, sort of.  

This is not a review, but a recommendation.  Last Friday, I went to see my brother's band, Designer, play about an hour set at the World Cafe in Philadelphia.  They were releasing their first CD, which they recorded on their own.

I won't describe their music, but if you're interested in a band with cello, piano, drums, trumpet, and occasionally guitar and bass, then check them out.  I'm sure they would appreciate your interest.

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