Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ibrahim Maalouf at the Savoy

Ibrahim Maalouf
Follow this link to find my review of trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf's show at the Savoy in Montreal on May 7.  May 7, you ask?  Why so long ago?  Well, there were some logistical problems--namely that Mr. Maalouf didn't really mention the names of the songs he was playing at the show, or the name of the French silent film remake he wrote the songs for.  The problem was resolved, (most of) the information obtained, and the review was written.

I hope I didn't get anything wrong.  It definitely served to my disadvantage that I had to write the review so much after the show took place.  But at the same time, because I knew I would eventually have to write about it, an idea of the show solidified in my mind throughout the two weeks or so I had to think about it.  And of course, I had my notes to rely on.  

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