Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paper Moon

Yes, that's me in the picture.  I recently became an opinion columnist for one of my school newspapers, the McGill Tribune.  The picture is for my column.  I've wanted to be an opinion columnist ever since I started reading the New York Times opinion pages early in high school.  It seemed like such a heroic and awesome position to have. 

When I started this blog about six months ago, I was excited to get out all my pent-up ideas about jazz and how I relate to it and what it does to me and what I think it can do to you.  I still am, nearly 60 blog posts later.  A few months in, though, I worried that I might be pigeonholing myself.  But then I realized that that was the point: I decided to start a jazz blog, and I was the one continuing to write for it.

So I started writing for the school newspapers as well, contributing articles on culture (poetry, music, books) and some opinion pieces when I felt passionate.  It felt good to find a balance between writing about jazz and other subjects.

When I became an opinion columnist in January, it felt good to know the balance would last the semester.  And when Ricky, the opinion editor, asked me for a column title, I immediately thought of Paper Moon, after the old Harold Arlen song "It's Only a Paper Moon."  I don't know why it came into my head, but it seemed fitting.  (Listen to the Nat Cole version below and guess why.)

It seems to show how much jazz has to do with my life.  I know the name is corny, and so is the photo, but maybe I'm old fashioned.  Speaking of which, that's another great song

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