Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jon Irabagon at Upstairs

Jon Irabagon
Well, it's been a little while.  But I hope not too long.  If you follow this link, you'll find a review I wrote of the Jon Irabagon Quartet.  Mr. Irabagon came through Montreal last Friday and Saturday to perform at Upstairs Jazz Club with some fine Montreal jazz musicians.  I caught the first set and enjoyed it thoroughly.

As I mention in the review, a lot of student jazz musicians showed up, and it felt good to see so many excited listeners in the club.  Sometimes I like to watch people in the audience as they watch the music.  Try it out sometime, but do it surreptitiously, unless you feel comfortable staring blatantly at someone.  How people respond to live music reveals a lot about what music and performance can do.

I tend to tap out rhythm with my fingers as I'm listening--not too loudly, but I am a drummer, so it helps me figure out the music a little better.  I also bob my head.  It's hard not to when there's a walking bass.  You just feel so damn cool.

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