Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Rick Rosato Trio

Mon Pays, Montreal
Last Friday, I saw the Rick Rosato Trio--with Gilad Hekselman on guitar and Ari Hoenig on drums--here in Montreal at the Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill.  Find the review I wrote of the show here.  It's not only about the show.  It also has to do with my inchoate feelings about jazz in Montreal--in relation to New York and as it stands alone--and how I relate to the jazz community.  I hope to expand on those ideas soon.    


  1. Here's another nod from Chicago-- I look forward to you exploring your feelings about place within the jazz community...
    While we don't have the Vanguard in Chicago, at least we have the Green Mill and the Velvet Lounge--- but I know what you mean. It sounds like you are indeed becoming a part of the scene there-- one day you can look back on the experience, and say, yeah I was there, I wrote about this. I really envy you that.
    The perceptions of the art (which you have touched on before), coupled with our generation's general disinterest have been hurdles for myself in feeling like I am more than an auxilary, appreciative listener, and that I do indeed belong. Starting my first jazz piano lesson tonight-- I'm supposed to start in a band in January, we'll see how it goes...

  2. You're right, it will be good to be able to look back on this, as I seem to be documenting a large portion of my life. I'm trying to make it as engaging as possible for others, but it's also some pretty personal stuff I'm writing down.

    I have actually never been to Chicago, though I plan to go some day. I can imagine, from what I've read, that the jazz scene is pretty formidable there.

    Good luck on your piano lessons. I remember last year I started taking jazz piano lessons, but that was really with out having ever taken piano lessons at all. With your background in piano, and your interest in jazz, I'm sure you'll pick it up fast.